What’s Blooming

I do have a few flowers blooming around here.  I was afraid the mallow wasn’t going to survive the goats’ pruning this spring, but there’s a good crop.


This is stinking chamomile in my north paddock.  It’s been empty for about five weeks, so the grass (and weeds) is getting tall.


I have one little spiderwort that survived our extremely harsh winter.  Hopefully it will do well and multiply.


The tiger lilyl is from my ditch.


The sunflowers aren’t from my farm, but they’re pretty, so I included them.


What’s blooming in your neck of the woods?

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Scavenger Hunt

It’s been a while since I participated in Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  It’s hard to do those scavenger hunts with a gimpy foot.  I’ve done my best for this week’s prompts: eyes, upside down, from behind, sunshine, and cup.

Eyes:  There are a lot of eyes around here.  I’m sharing Bob, the Chinese goose, and Muffin (with her buck Billy eating with her).

cat goose and goat

Upside Down:  Jules has decided she should be an outside kitty.  I’ve been letting her out while I’m home during the day.  I want her to learn where to go and that she needs to stay away from the road.  She’s rolling everywhere out there and really enjoying herself.

Jules collage

From behind:  The sun is shining from behind the tree.  I thought it was a beautiful sight.  It’s also about as far as I’ve made it out to pasture on foot.

SunFlare 135ew

Sunshine:  There’s plenty of sunshine today!

Sun 130ew

Cup:  This one was pretty straightforward.  Since my initial teacup a couple of months ago when I wanted to photograph the chicks in one, my sister has presented me with several pretty cups.  This is the latest.  I really like it because it reminds me of my grandmother’s china when I was a kid.


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I can’t believe it’s time for the cherries already.

Cherries 8aw

I have a lot of them on my tree that I’ll pick in the next few days.

Cherries 9aw

Well, I have a lot on the part of the tree the goats didn’t eat.

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