Critter Visitors

I’ve had all kinds of visitors lately!  Two nights in a row I got to see some deer.  First they were in the pasture across the road.


Someone wasn’t too happy when Stella started barking.


The next night, they started across the road and then came to visit me.  One young one was awfully bouncy.

deer collage



The handsome cardinal came to visit again.

male cardinal

He had his lovely lady with him.

cardinal pair

pair of cardinals

I’ve had all kinds of birds at the feeders too.  The starling loves the suet!


I somehow lost one of my suet feeders.  You’ve heard the saying, “They will always return to the scene of the crime.”  I guess that’s true in this case.

squirrel collage

Cute little thief!


Finally, I had this adorable little bird sit outside when I was filling the bird feeders.  He was sleeping awfully sound.


He flew to the fence.


It was only a moment before he returned to the ground.  I was kind of worried.


I did check later and he flew away.

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A Giddy Day

I had a pretty exciting morning.  When I opened my e-mail I got a notice that my NaNoWriMo novel had been accepted for publication.  Granted, it’s self-published, but they did have a lot of compliments and recommended basic proofreading as the only editing.  I’ve been floating all day!

deer in pasture

Then when I left the house to go to work, I heard Cinnamon hollering at me.  She was very unhappy to be in with Boeris and a couple of bigger girls. I was surprised.  She had been with Fionn, and I still don’t know how she switched sides of the fence.  This evening I got her put back where she belongs, but she’s supposed to come into heat tomorrow.  We’ll see what happens and if i can figure out who her baby’s daddy will be.

deer in snowy pasture

The pictures are of a young deer that was eating by the back fence (kind of hard to see the fence with the snow) around the first of the month.  With work and short days and rain, I just didn’t have any other pictures to add tonight.  Since I hadn’t shared these on the blog before, I thought this would be the perfect time.

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Hunting Season

Last weekend was the opening of the shotgun season on deer.  It always makes me cringe.  When I saw the orange walking along my fenceline, I made sure the goats and llama were shut in the barnyard.


Let’s face it, I might mistake Bud for a deer if I didn’t know him.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against hunting.  I know the deer population is large, as I saw a lot of healthy deer over the summer.

hunter along pasture

If they were not hunted, their population would grow beyond the carrying capacity for our area.  When that happens, there isn’t enough food, the animals become weak and disease will lower the population.


It’s much better to control the population through hunting.


I just wish they didn’t have to try and kill the deer I watched, photographed and enjoyed all summer.

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