It’s Ready Again

I walked through the waterways last week, and I saw that the alfalfa is ready to be cut and baled again.

butterfly on alfalfa

Sadly, we had another two inches of rain last night.


There’s a lot of hay waiting for some dry weather, so we can make it.


Even though the cropduster wasn’t spraying my fields, the pilot flew over my farm.  I’m amazed at the precision these pilots have going so close to the ground with wires and trees around.

Cropduster 16ew

Cropduster 17ew

Cropduster 31ew

Cropduster 35ew

Cropduster 45wSharing with Good Fences and Skywatch Friday.


What I Love About July

July is turning out to be pretty awesome!  The weather is great.

corn and sunshine

The corn is growing and producing ears.

Ear of Corn

We’ve made hay for the second time on the waterways.


We finally got the back forty baled for the first time this summer.

baling hay

We did about 700 square bales and 13 round bales.

making hay

I had an amazing crew come and fill my barn.

Unloading hay rack

I have a fat, happy goat herd.

Goat Pasture

July is looking pretty darn good right about now.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter this week is J.  J is for July.  I’m also sharing with Skywatch Friday.

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