Scavenger Hunt

I’ve missed Ashley’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday the last couple of weeks, so I had to join in.  The topics this week:  pink, wheels, friend, emotion, and sweet.

Sweet:  I can’t think of anything as sweet as two kids sleeping together.

Linus and Peppermint Patty

Linus and Peppermint Patty

Wanda and Billy

Wanda and Billy

Pink:  Unless it’s two kids sleeping together using their maa as a pillow.  I just love those pink noses!  Okay, technically they are salmon or coral or some other derivative of pink, but they are cute!

Molly and Zach

Molly and Zach

Emotion:  I think Muffin looks the epitome of happiness!



Wheels:  We’re still wet and muddy, so these are the only wheels I could find.  You never know where you’ll see them around the house.

toy car

Friend:  My newest kitty friend, Jules, likes to play with it.  She likes to play with most anything.

cat collage



This sweet looking girl is really a monster!  I guess that’s a good thing.

Another Rainy Day

We started off cloudy this morning, and the goats weren’t sure whether or not they should go out to pasture.

Goat pasture

They decided to hang out under the trees for a while before making that decision.  I don’t know why they think it’s a good idea to be under trees in a storm.  Really…

goat pasture

The storm clouds rolled in, the thunder and lightening came, and one particularly loud clap of thunder sent the brave smart goats back to the barn.

Goats Running

I also got my first lightning shot.  Granted, it’s a puny little bolt, but I still got it!


The rest decided to stay there and even took off farther out to pasture to eat.

Goats under tree

Stella thinks all this rain makes the ground nice and soft and easy to dig in.



I kept watching as the storm rolled in.

Storm Clouds

Bob kept me company.



Finally, I went in and the rain came, and the silly goats came running up from pasture.

Storm Clouds

I have to say a big thank you to Cinnamon.

goats running in rain

When I checked to make sure none of the little goats were left out there, Reva didn’t have her little doe with her.  I braced myself for walking in the pasture during the rain, looking for a kid when I saw Cinnamon coming up the lane with her twins and Reva’s doe.  Thank you, Cinnamon!

Muffin’s Kids and Jules

Finally, the waiting for Muffin is over.  Of course, she waited until evening to show true signs of labor and bed was out of the question.  Finally, at nearly one in the morning (Thursday) I realized her water had broken, but I wasn’t exactly sure how long before.  I checked, and she was open with a kid right there.  I watched and she pushed and strained, and nothing seemed to be happening.  I decided to pull it (I might have been a tad impatient considering the time).  I couldn’t get it.  The feet were there.  The nose was there, but that kid was not moving.  I tried several more times and then had my son come hold her.  I still couldn’t get it.  I gave up and called the vet.  Of course, that works like magic.  I tried again when I got off the phone, and sure enough, I managed to get the kid this time. (Sorry for waking you Dr. Rick.)  The first one was a buck.



The second was a doe.

doeling goat

I got my beautiful little wattled kids from Muffin, just like I wanted.  I think I’ll keep her buck, Billy, to replace Boeris.  Hopefully, he won’t produce the big heads his dad does.  I planned on keeping her girl, but she has an entropion eye.

newborn doe goat

This is the first one I’ve had this year (thank goodness).  It’s an easy fix with a clip, and I haven’t decided it will stop me from keeping her.  I just need to get a buck that doesn’t throw this defect.

Jules was sent to the vet on Tuesday and got fixed.  She came home on Wednesday.  By the time I got home from work and did chores, she was down to one stitch left in her incision.  Silly cat.  I couldn’t get the cone of shame to stay on her.  Finally I put a band-aid on and waited for morning.


Jules through the window that needs washed again.

She went back to the vet Thursday morning and had to stay overnight again to be sedated and re-stitched up.  Poor baby.  Hopefully, the cone she’s sporting this time will prevent any more shenanigans.

Geez.  My cat can’t even get fixed without it being dramatic.

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