Winter is Coming

The forecast for next week is cold.  I mean not above freezing on Wednesday cold.  Lows in the teens.  Way too cold for this time of year.

Blue Jay

That means I need to do a lot of winterizing for the animals tomorrow.

Blue Jay

It also means the wild animals want their feeders put back and filled up.


It’s the season of photographing birds and squirrels through the kitchen window.



I think I might have to wash the noseprints off the window too.

The Life of a Farm Cat

Yep.  This is the life of a farm cat around Eden Hills.



Tough life isn’t it? I’m busy with cheese and lesson plans/checking papers for work, and chores.  Very busy.

I’ve Lost My Super Powers

I think I’ve lost my super powers.  They weren’t very impressive to begin with.  I usually called it “ADHD put to good use.”  It seems to be gone.


The last “Super” moon.

I’m exhausted.  It might be the surgery on the foot and then the eye.  Going back to work and changing positions has really been a challenge.  I’m also not a fan of all the rainy weather.  I like my sunshine and walks in the pasture.  Whatever it is, I’m tired.


Snickers (SOOC)

I couldn’t even bring myself to go to the farmer’s market tonight.  I love the market, but the wet weather is so hard on my soaps.  Really hard on them.  I’m glad sales have been good through the market.  Of course, that means I have several more batches of soap to make again.


The fungi has opened up! (SOOC)

I also want to take some other stuff to the farmer’s market.  I’ve received several deliveries lately.  I got my 2015 calendars and my wedding pictures and the one in the middle is my windmill shot printed on a 16 x 20 x 1/2 inch solid maple board.  I love it!


2015 Calendar, my windmill, wedding photo

I need to get some of those photography things added to my on-line market.

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