My Helper

I’m milking five goats right now.  Every time I milk, I have a little helper.

young rooster

Rodney the Rooster


rooster in corn tub

He’s right there to make sure the grain is good.

goat and rooster

Rodney and Haley

He sometimes brings a girl or two to help him stir the tub.

goat and rooster

Rodney, hen and Haley

I’ve never figured out why the goats put up with this, but they do.

goat and rooster

Cinnamon and Helen

Well, except for Helen.

goat and rooster

Rodney and Helen

She has no problems with knocking him around a little.

Please excuse my horrible cell phone pictures, but there’s no pausing the girls once I start milking.  Sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday and Alphabe-Thursday.  This week’s letter is R.  R is for Rodney the Rooster.

Just a Quick Post

My new teaching position has me quite busy trying to provide a quality education to my students, so I am running behind.  I’m just sharing a photo of my Kiss Me Coral and Marley.  They are quite different in size.

Coral and Marley

Coral and Marley

They are both pretty quirky though.  Coral is sweet and loves her kisses.  Marley likes to follow me and be my shadow.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter Q.  Q is for quite, quality, and quirky.

Pretty Purple Flowers

I have just a little bit of my speedwell left.  The dog and goats have been hard on it.


I am hoping it will recover and spread to fill in all those spaces it once occupied.


They are pretty, and the bees really like them, so I like having them grow.

Sharing with Jenny Matlock for Alphabe-Thursday.  This week’s letter is P.  P is for pretty and purple.

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