Outside on the Farm

I am absolutely loving the weather outside now that the heat has broken.  Granted, we’ve had enough rain, but I hate to always complain, so I’m just telling you how much I’m enjoying the cooler weather.

Queen Lace




All but the grasshoppers.


They are everywhere!

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter of the week is O.  O is for Outside.

Because Nice Matters

I love the phrase “because nice matters.”  I used to have it hanging on every wall of my classroom, and it’s how I aspire to live my life.

peanuts for goat

Lately, I’ve had a hard time remembering that.



Like usual, when I need an important reminder, Millie is there for me.

goat eating peanut

I’ve neglected my poor goats all summer, but today, it was time for just us.

Saanen goat eating peanuts

We snuggled and hugged and talked, and I was even nice and gave her some peanuts.  Thanks for being there, Millie.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter n.  N is for nice.

The Milk is Flowing

Since I weaned seven boys, I have three girls without kids on them (Muffin still has her daughter nursing her).

Helen with Kent and Clark

Helen with Kent and Clark

That means, I’ve got milk!  I am getting right at a gallon each morning and evening.

Milk Tote

I filter it as soon as I get into the house.  I am making yogurt now!

Milk Filter

I’m filling my freezer and have a couple more to fill.  That way any bottle kid next spring will get the good stuff instead of a milk replacer.

Milk Frozen in bag

It does make it a bit more challenging to milk with four of them.  I start with Haley.  She’s such a goofball!  She’s been the one I’ve milked for two months.  She would not accept anyone else going before her.  Of course, she just goes to the food and stands.

milking doe


Coffee is right there trying to push Haley out of the way, so she can be first.  She goes second.  She’s another one that just goes for the food and eats while I do my milking.



Then, as I open the door to get Coffee out, I block Haley from coming back in so Helen can have her turn.  Helen is my brat, so I don’t know how long she’ll let me milk her, but for now, she’s being very good and cooperative.  She has been putting herself in the training stanchion, and that’s fine.  She’s comfortable there.



Finally, I have to block Haley and Coffee from coming back in when I put Helen out.  Then I go get Clover.  She’s never been a milking doe before, so she’s still not quite in the routine.  Once I bring her in, she’s all excited, so I put her in the stanchion to calm her down and keep her focused on one pan of food.  Then she stands perfectly for me.



I have such amazing milking girls!  When I figure out where to wean the little girls, I’ll have Cinnamon and try training Reva too.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter M.  M is for milk.

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