My Usual View

When I feed bottle kids, I have a little different perspective.

bottle kid goat

Yep.  Bambi’s doe gets supplemental bottles (I’m really feeding her all she needs, but we pretend it’s a supplement).

goat kid nursing bottle

She races up to us (my mom feeds her while I’m at work) and is always ready to take a bottle.

feeding goat bottle kid

Even when we don’t have a bottle for her, she’s looking for one.

goat kid

That usually results in her sucking on fingers or a chin or a nose.

She’s a sweet little lady, and I’m glad she’s happy to take the bottle from us, even if I hardly recognize her right side up.

I’m sharing with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter U and Rurality Blog Hop.

A Thinking Stone

It’s no secret that my Back Forty is my sacred space.  It’s where I love to be more than any other place in the world.

Back Forty

There’s a few big rocks out there that have been dug out of where we make hay.

rocks in pasture

I like all of them, but there’s one in particular that is special to me.


It’s where I go to sit and think.  I can’t wait for green grass and sunshine and long days enjoying the pasture again.

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Kids Illustrate the Letter S

The goat kids are helping me illustrate the letter S for Alphabe-Thursday.

nursing goat kid

Sweetly suckling

goat kids

Solid and Sturdy

goat kids

Serious and Smiling

doe goat and kids

Silly and Scritching

special goat kid

Special Ed

goat kid


goat kid peeing in kitchen

Soaking my floor (big Sigh)

bottle goat

Sloppy Slurping

I’m also sharing with Rurality Blog Hop.

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