Kicking Myself

I have very specific foot instructions.  I am only allowed not to wear the surgical shoe in the shower and in bed.  They even suggested it might be a good idea to wear the shoe to bed in case I had to go to the bathroom in the night.  I wouldn’t forget to put it on that way.  Well, every night (I’m getting older) I go to the bathroom and remember to take the shoe off the pillow beside me and put it on.  No problems.  Until this morning.

feet in bed

Shortly after the sun came up, I was woke by the sound of a peacock crying its alarm right outside my window.  In a panic, I was on my feet and had taken the two steps to the window to check it out before I was actually awake.  When I saw a young male instead of all my birds loose and being eaten by predators, I turned back to bed.  Then it hit me.  I wasn’t wearing the shoe.  It hurts.


Darn visitor.  I’m sure he came from my neighbor.  I’ve had them come here before.  The older dominant male chases the young ones off.  You can tell he’s a young one because, even though he has his bright neck colors, he still doesn’t have a tail.  He’ll get a short one his second year, and longer the next year, but it takes until they are about four-years-old before they grow a full tail.

Peacock 137ew

By the time I got up, he’d found my peafowl in their pen.  This poor guy is lonely and wants company.

peacock pen

My male is already pacing inside the pen, ready to defend his girls if he has to.

adult male peacock

He’s crying a warning to the young interloper.  He’d better not come any closer.

screaming peacock

Poor guy.  He’s welcome to stay here outside the pen, but he really wouldn’t want to go inside.

Peacock 109ew

Someone’s keeping an eye on him.

male peacock

If only he hadn’t come with such a loud cry, I wouldn’t have jumped out of bed.  Now, I’m kicking myself.  No.  That would hurt my toe too.

Sharing with Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-Thursday for the letter K.  K is for kicking myself.  I’m also sharing with Stewart’s Wild Bird Wednesday and Rurality Blog Hop.

What I Love About July

July is turning out to be pretty awesome!  The weather is great.

corn and sunshine

The corn is growing and producing ears.

Ear of Corn

We’ve made hay for the second time on the waterways.


We finally got the back forty baled for the first time this summer.

baling hay

We did about 700 square bales and 13 round bales.

making hay

I had an amazing crew come and fill my barn.

Unloading hay rack

I have a fat, happy goat herd.

Goat Pasture

July is looking pretty darn good right about now.

Sharing with Alphabe-Thursday where the letter this week is J.  J is for July.  I’m also sharing with Skywatch Friday.

Photography Interests

Animal and nature photography will probably always be my first love, but my interests have expanded.  I want to keep growing and challenging myself as a photographer, so I’ve expanded into photographing humans. I know… who’d have thought.  My nephew and his finacee asked me to do their engagement photos as a warmup to their wedding in August.  Here are some of my favorites.  We started at my farm, made a quick stop in town, then went to his farm and returned to my basement studio.  You can click on a photo to enlarge it.

country engagement

engagement photo

barn engagement photo

tractor engagement photo

rustic engagement photo

tractor engagement photo

engagement photo with dog

cornfield engagement photo

engagement photo

engagement photo with dog

engagement photo

engagement photo

I have to admit, I think I could like going pro with portrait photography.  I’ve really enjoyed the recent sessions I’ve had.

I’m sharing this with Alphabe-Thursday for the letter I.  I is for my photographic interests and intent.

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